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Tackling Food Waste

Ambrosia Bags can help your family reduce food waste and save money at the same time!


Volume of US Food Wasted


Cost of US Food Waste


Wasted Per Person


Cost Per Household


Landfill's Share of US Greenhouse Gas Emissions


Food-Insecure Americans Could Be Fed by a 15% Reduction in Food Waste

All figures annual. Source: NRDC, The Guardian, The Atlantic, Wasted!, Just Eat It EPAUN FAOWFP, OLIO, Food Tank

What People Say About Their Ambrosia Bags...


“I love using Ambrosia Bags.  This is the fifteenth bag I’ve purchased!  I give them to my clients as gifts.”
– D, Ventura


“I have 5 Ambrosia Bags that I use at home. They are great gifts, especially for bridal showers.”
– D, Ojai


“Love using these bags, they work so well… we’ve bought so many, and many as gifts.”
– M&C, Ojai


“The bags are amazing and make wonderful gifts.”
– S, Ojai


“We love our Ambrosia Bags….thank you!”
– J&O, Topanga


“I hate food waste & these storage bags save me having to toss out Produce.”
– P, Topanga

Ambrosia Bags vs Plastic Bags

See how fresh produce looks after three weeks…

We took old world wisdom and added modern day thinking to provide a natural way of keeping refrigerated produce fresh for longer.

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