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Tackling Food Waste


Volume of US Food Wasted


Cost of US Food Waste


Wasted Per Person


Cost Per Household


Landfill's Share of US Greenhouse Gas Emissions


Food-Insecure Americans Could Be Fed by a 15% Reduction in Food Waste

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Save Money, Save Produce & Save the Planet

What People Say About Their Ambrosia Bags...


“I love using Ambrosia Bags.  This is the fifteenth bag I’ve purchased!  I give them to my clients as gifts.”
– D, Ventura


“I have 5 Ambrosia Bags that I use at home. They are great gifts, especially for bridal showers.”
– D, Ojai


“Love using these bags, they work so well… we’ve bought so many, and many as gifts.”
– M&C, Ojai


“The bags are amazing and make wonderful gifts.”
– S, Ojai


“We love our Ambrosia Bags….thank you!”
– J&O, Topanga


“I hate food waste & these storage bags save me having to toss out Produce.”
– P, Topanga

Ojai Created, California Made

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