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Ambrosia Bags

Born Out of Necessity...

Out of necessity, I discovered a natural way of keeping  produce fresh and extends shelf life!

I had an exceptionally large garden harvest and no way of keeping it all fresh and being an advocate for reducing plastic bags and it’s pollution, storing my veggies in plastic was simply not an option.  I wanted a natural way of not only storing my fresh veggies but also a way of keeping them from spoiling too quickly.

I thought of my grandmother, Elsie, and how she stored produce before plastic bags.  I remembered as a young girl, thinking how ‘weird’ it was that she refrigerated damp linen tea towels wrapped around vegetables . . .  and her dresses dampened, rolled for ironing.  I get it now . . .thanks grandma!

Having a collection of linen fabric and determination to keep my veggies fresh for longer, I was compelled to give it a try.  In 2012, I sewed my first zippered linen produce storage bag.  The outcome began my quest for learning more about flax linen, the best weight and weave for optimal results and importantly, traveling in search of an eco friendly linen mill to do business with.

Even as a child, I knew flax linen was very special.

As a young girl my favorite dresses were linen, handmade by my grandmother. I loved how the heavy linen fabric felt against my skin and how my dresses twirled, better than all the other girls!

Fifty-five years later, my love of flax linen has transformed into heirloom linen bags that help people save, not only their produce and money, they help keep our eco-system safe by reducing waste and pollution.

Creative. Resourceful. Caring.

If I were to describe myself in three words, they would be: Creative, Resourceful and Caring.

I grew up in Ojai, California, a small country town back in the fifties. I was raised to appreciate the simple things in life.  Most importantly, I was taught not to waste.

I moved out on my own at seventeen.  At nineteen, I attended the Los Angeles Institute of Fashion and Design.  My love of designing and constructing clothes were creatively different.  I shopped at thrift stores repurposing discarded clothes  into new ‘groovy’ styles, which led me to designing stage shirts for Kenny Loggins and Messina’s band members.

In spring of 1979, I was offered an opportunity to travel, for two months, with a family in the Canadian Yukon Territory.  The 200 mile journey on horseback was to check on all their base camps for bear intrusions, hungered after the winters hibernation.

Before our departure, however, we had the task of dumpster diving behind local super markets in White Horse (with permission) to gather outdated food (breads, dairy products & meats) to be cooked into mush to feed their sled dogs while on our journey.  This was my first awakening to the tremendous amount of commercial food waste!

Fast forwarding fifteen years . . .

My passion for biodynamic gardening led me to developing the first public school vegetable garden program in Ojai.  Teaching children about eating nutritious vegetables and how a tiny seed grows into a delicious edible plant was incredibly fulfilling.  My rewards, were seeing the children’s excitement as they watched their garden grow.  I cherish the memories of those proud smiling faces preparing and eating their salad of veggies they grew from seeds!

Life changes . . .

As a single mother, I worked two jobs.  During the day, I established and ran a healthy (no waste) daily lunch program, where my two children attended school.  At night, I managed a fine dining restaurant.  During the twenty years of working in the Restaurant Industry, I witnessed an astounding amount of food waste.

Traveling Abroad . . .

Through out the years, I have had the privilege of traveling to Canada, Mexico, Japan, Java, Bali, Scotland, Holland and Belgium.  And regardless what village or home I was visiting, there was always an affinity and open invite by  women, into their kitchens.

My life continues to revolve around family and friends, cooking, gardening and sewing . . . and running the family business, Long Life Linen LLC, the home of Ambrosia Bags!

It’s exciting to share with others a product that truly saves both personally and environmentally.

We have combined  linen fibers, from the ancient flax plant, with modern science to preserve and prolong produce life and vitality.

Ambrosia Bag works to solve the food waste
and plastic bag usage epidemics!

We are one planet living together, being responsible and conscious, for a peaceful, healthy and sustainable life, today and for all the tomorrows to come.

Thank you for taking the time to explore AmbrosiaBag.com – I hope you will discover, for yourself, the benefits of using Ambrosia Produce Storage Bags.

Jan Rem

Founder & CEO – Long Life Linen, LLC

Be the change that you want to see in the world.  –Mahatma Gandhi


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