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“Buying bag #16!  I love these bags… have kept 4 for me and given the others as gifts. So unexpected and everyone has LOVED them.

We all have saved so much money by not wasting our fruits and veggies.

The new mushroom bags are amazing. Just used some that were 2 weeks old and not yucky. Thank you, Jan!”
– D, Ventura


“I have 5 Ambrosia Bags that I use at home. They are great gifts, especially for bridal showers.”
– D, Ojai


“Love using these bags, they work so well… we’ve bought so many, and many as gifts.”
– M&C, Ojai


“This bag changed the way I store my veggies… so I had to share with my family! I can’t imagine life without Ambrosia Bags”
– A & Family, Ojai


“We LOVE your bag! We love the life of fresh produce being extended…thank you!”
– T&N, Ojai


“I can’t think of storing my veggies in anything else but the amazing Ambrosia Produce Bags. It keeps your veggies fresh for weeks!”
Chef Robin, Ojai


“These are the most amazing bags I’ve used! My veggies stay crisp for week. And the Damp bags never mold. Amazing! Say goodbye to plastic!”
– S, Los Angeles


“I love this amazing product. It has saved so much time and money.  I even take them when I travel so I don’t have to use plastic bags when I shop. I have given them to so many people.  “
– M, Los Angeles


“These bags have been a game changer in our household!  We get to enjoy our produce over longer stretches. It has reduced our waste and saved us so much money.”
– N, Hollywood


“We love our 2 Ambrosia Bags….thank you!”
– J&O, Topanga


“I hate food waste & these storage bags save me having to toss out Produce.”
– P, Topanga


“Saves for tomorrow!”
– P, Topanga


“The bags are amazing and make wonderful gifts.”
– S, Ojai

“Oh my gosh, Ambrosia bags are truly amazing… no more guilt, throwing expensive produce away!”
– M, San Francisco

“Ambrosia Bags really work. They’re my favorite gift for friends and clients.”
– D, Ojai

“I’m very impressed with how long my veggies stay fresh. When I educate my patients about good nutrition, I tell them about Ambrosia Bags.”
– D, Ventura

“Using Ambrosia Bags has changed our lives…”
– DY, British Columbia

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